Soft Reliability Project (2005 - 2010) is Officially Over

The Soft Reliability project has been carried out from 2005 until 2010 at Eindhoven University of Technology by 4 doctoral candidates and in fruitful collaboration with various industrial partners, especially Philips and Océ.

As part of the closing event on 19 May 2010, an international panel entitled “SOFT RELIABILITY: Solving an Industrial Problem. Is that Science?” took place with the participation of both academic and industrial panelists.

The highlights of this project’s results can be listed as follows:
* 4 PhD dissertations (2 of which cum laude) diploma.jpg
* 2 high-tech startup companies (UXsuite and Fluxicon), which raised more than 600 000 EUR

Both UXsuite and Fluxicon will carry on the great spirit of the Soft Reliability research project through the commercialization of key results as tools for the industry.

ux_logo.jpg UXSUITE technology enables to instrument any digital or electronic product, prototype, process, or a combination of these, so that it becomes possible to improve them by collecting and analyzing only relevant and semantically rich information about their usage in the field at real-time.
With process mining technology, it is possible to automatically create smart flow diagrams of business processes.

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